Monday, May 9, 2011

The Inspiration of the Board Meeting

Wednesday all ILCers were required to attend the Education Board Meeting.

We all met outside Dejean Middle School's auditorium, where we were directed to what we were to do once the meeting began. I was able to meet some ILCers from other programs before the meeting who I would have not met otherwise. I remember seeing some students fret whether they had to speak at the meeting and a few had prepared themselves with a speech. After a while, I started to worry if Mr. Ramsey would call on one of us. No one could assure me, and I spread my worry to some of my friends in the program, although they seemed unchanged by prospect.

The meeting began with all of the ILCers sitting with their chaperon, and then the chaperons introduced the students they were chaperoning. In between each introduction an ILC alumni who was accepted to an ILC explained their experience of the ILC program and their reason for applying and going to the college of their choice. There was one ILCer alumni who read her entire speech from her phone. I just thought that was absurd, but she saved some trees, had a well developed speech, and was definitely one of the more memorable of the speakers. I found these speeches inspirational, but I also experienced a feeling of anxiety. I usually have this feeling when I talk or hear about the future, but this time I think I resolved myself to accept the path I am going and enjoy every step of the way.

I was very interested in the other students that were going to their respected ILC. All of the students going are the top of their class and are able to complete the workload these programs require. I remember hearing that the Yale program is a seven day class that goes from 7 AM to 10 PM, although I think I am confusing the schedule with another intense program, and then another required the student to write 20 page report. Even though these are strenuous we are ready, shown by our qualification into the program. The interviewers thought we were qualified for a college class, so I am determined to work at a college level and prove to myself that I am ready for the next step, college.

Before the Board Meeting, I had to take the AP Calculus AB test in the morning. I did not feel the backlash of the test until the next day, which was then proceeded by another AP test, and then the next week on Wednesday I had yet another test. Then after the tests my teachers assigned projects due at the end of May. As you can see the two weeks after the Meeting were extremely busy, and just now have I been able to get the blog post for this event. I really need to start prioritizing my life and stop procrastinating when I am busy.
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