Sunday, April 8, 2012

An Afternoon in Syracuse

I brought a few books with me on this trip. I got into reading a lot my senior year. Here’s what I brought: Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave by Frederick Douglass, and How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Thomas C. Foster. I finished Catcher in the Rye on the plane to Chicago and I am trying to finish How to Read Literature… before the week ends.
Doing my homework.

The plane to Syracuse was the smallest plane I have been on in my life. It had two seats on each side and it held under 60 passengers. I saw a girl with an orange Syracuse hoodie and I was instantly jealous.

My flight to Syracuse

What a beautiful sign to see!
When we landed in Syracuse, memories rushed back from going to the east coast last summer. Everything was so flat compared to the Bay Area. My mom and I ran into the Hedeens at the car rental booth. I had some tunes for the trip so I would not go crazy listening to the Austrailian lady on the GPS telling my mom where to turn.
This will come in handy when we drive to Ithaca on Tuesday morning.
After settling into the hotel, Aiyana and I planned dinner at the Dinosaur BBQ, which was the most popular joint in the city. I had a pulled pork sandwich with cole slaw and mashed potatoes. It was a jazzy little restaurant and I found that there is live music playing every single day of the week. There is a performance area upstairs where local musicians get to play.

It started to rain, but I still wanted to see the campus. My mom drove through the dark and wet city to find the campus which is on top of the only hill in the city. Even though it was dark, the buildings were beautiful. I did not get any pictures because of the lighting and the precipitation, but I cannot wait until the Spring Reception on campus tomorrow. I talked to my brother a few minutes ago and the President of Syracuse University graduated from his school, Sarah Lawrence College. He is excited for my college decision.

I am very excited to be in New York so I can visit Syracuse University while it is having its Accepted Students Spring Reception. Tomorrow, I will get to meet with current students and staff, and I will be able to tour the campus in the daylight. Until then, good night from the New York!

Bon Voyage! Take Me Back to New York

At exactly 3:00 AM this morning, I was on the road headed to San Francisco International Airport. Five hours before, I was at the Pinole Community Playhouse for my second performance of “Anything Goes.” I told the cast that I was headed to New York and they were more than excited. Performances resume on Thursday, so I scheduled my flight to return on Wednesday.

My mom and I drove to the airport with Aiyana Hedeen-Garrett (Summer@Vanderbilt ’11) and her mom. It was extremely early for all of us, but we managed to be in high spirits all the way to the terminals. While the Millers are taking United Airlines, the Hedeens will be flying with American Airlines.

With support from the Ivy League Connection, I am flying to New York to visit Syracuse University and Ithaca College, my top two choices for furthering my education. In addition to those two schools, I was accepted to Boston University, UC Santa Barbara, and UC Davis. Unfortunately, I was not accepted to the University of Southern California or Brown University. I have chosen to go to school out of state in an entirely new (and cold) environment. After going to Summer@Brown in the summer of 2011, I realized that I wanted to get out of California and take advantage of what the east coast has to offer.

A lot of my close friends have been accepted to schools in/close to New York. These include University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), University of Rochester, and New York University (NYU). My brother currently goes to Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville. We are all a train ride away from each other. I have already connected and calculated the distances from college to college, just in case we all want to meet up sometime.

I am currently on Spring Break. There is work to do and adventures to go on. So far, the trip has gone smoothly. Next stop, Chicago and then we’re on to Syracuse. Even though the Hedeens are using a different airline, our arrival times differ with a few minutes so we will meet up for lunch in O’Hare.
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