Tuesday, May 15, 2012

To the Future Mentees...

First off, I apologize for the late response for our last Brown Mentor meeting. For some reason, the new blogger layout was just too much for my computer to handle, and I have not been able to access blogger to post my entry.

Second, I wish to thank all of the mentors who came out of their busy schedules to mentor me and my fellow cohorts. This was an invaluable experience and a comfort through all of the stress that went with college application and acceptance season. Everyone was supportive throughout the entire process and I am honored that I was able to be part of the first generation of ILC Brown Mentees.  

With the ending of both the school year and my time in high school, I think I have become overwhelmed with so many different things ending. However, I can say that the final event for this year's Brown Mentors was memorable--after all not everyday do I get to hear from such interesting people and meet Ismail Ramsey, who graciously reserved the Olympic Club for the bruch and gave us a tour through the grounds. Although I could not say my goodbyes to my own mentor, I enjoyed talking to the other mentors and hearing Kathleen's farewell speech and Beilul's expectations for Brown.

I wish Adrianne and Mariko luck for their senior year and success for future Brown Mentees.

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