Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hello, Class of '13

Last Sunday, the Brown mentorship group met at the prestigious Olympic Club for the last meeting with this particular group of people. As the two juniors in the program, Adrianne and I will continue to reap the benefits from this amazing organization for another year. However, Kathleen and Erinn are both graduating so in a sense this last meeting was goodbye.

The Brown mentorship program has been a huge help to me this past year, and I’m very grateful that I can continue to be part of the program next year as well. As I prepare to start the college application process over the summer, it’s reassuring to know that whenever I have questions I can ask my mentor Lauren Brodsky. As an alumnus of both El Cerrito High School and Brown University, she has an especially good understanding of where I’m coming from as an ECHS student.

The Olympic Club was a beautiful choice of venue, and Mr. Ramsey’s brother, Ismail Ramsey, was generous enough to give us a tour of the Club after brunch. I enjoyed touring the lavishly decorated women’s locker room, although it will be difficult to get used to the ECHS locker room again after viewing the splendor of the Olympic Club’s.

Once again, all my thanks to the ILC and the Brown mentorship program for the fantastic opportunities provided this past year. I know I can count on the support of both the ILC and the Brown mentorship program as I become a senior and go through the college application process.
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