Sunday, May 29, 2011

Better Late than Never, Right?

It is approximately one month until we leave for Brown, but I am just now writing my first blog. At this point everyone is probably thinking, "When is ILC going to kick this flake out of the program?"

Well I can assure everyone that the ILC administration is still on top of their game. My absences from the blog tutorial, the School Board meeting, and the dinner at One Market were unfortunately due to medical complications. However, I am happy to announce that my doctors cleared me for full participation in all of the activities at Brown. I simply cannot wait.

In any case, I had to have the blog tutorial much later than everybody else. Fortunately, I was able to have a one-on-one session with Don Gosney today at 4:00 PM. Because there were only two of us, I was able to ask as many questions as I wanted, and the two of us were able to get through all of the material rather quickly and efficiently.
The blogging procedure was very informative to somebody like me, who knew nothing about blogging prior to the tutorial. In the past I had thought of blogging as simply a tool to advertise the scholarship program in hopes for donations, but I now realize that it serves a much greater purpose. Having to blog forces us to actively think about everything that we are doing, to be aware of how an experience is effecting us, or what impact it may have on us in the future. This constant reflection improves our critical thinking, and the constant blogging improves our writing. Thinking about blogging in this way will hopefully make it seem like less of a chore and more of a device for intellectual development.
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