Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Combined Post-Dinner and Board Meeting

My apologies for having to do a combined blog post. Last night when we returned from dinner it was about 10:00pm so I immediately went to bed. The May 3rd Dinner was incredible. First we met Dick Barker, who funded this special event. Then we mingled with other donors and Brown Alumni. We introduced a few of our Brownie cohorts to the Shirley Temple (Sprite and Cherry is a great combination). After that we were taken into a fancy dining room where we listened to a few speakers (including myself and Andrew Gonzales) talk about our excitement and gratitude to be included in this program. I also had a nice time talking to the people at my table; we had some every intellectual conversations about colleges and current events. I sat next to Paul, a Brown Alumnus, and he was very positive about his undergraduate experience. After the dinner I felt more confident about the program and Brown University because I was able to meet so many people who adore the school and the Ivy League Connection Program.
A few hours ago, I returned from the WCCUSD Board Meeting. We were introduced to the board members and other members of our community. We had the opportunity to hear from students who were in ILC in the previous years. It was nice to see the support coming from the school board, the other students, and everyone else that is a part of this community. It means a lot to be surrounded by people who want you to succeed. I want to thank the board members, Don Gosney, the chaperones, the donors and sponsors, and of course our parents for making this possible. It is an experience that we all truly appreciate and will never forget.


  1. I like the pictures a lot, especially the one from the dinner!

  2. Thanks for the Shirley Temple suggestion!


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