Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Away we go!!!

We made it to Providence!
Erin, Andrew, Frank, Kathleen and Erinn prior to our
departure from OAK

What a day! After viewing the photos that Don posted, it feels like that all happened days ago. It has been a very long day but we have arrived safe and sound to Providence, Rhode Island. Overall, we had a very smooth journey. Erin, Andrew, Erinn, Kathleen, Frank and I were all able to sit together on both flights, which was nice. We landed in Chicago a bit ahead of schedule but we still had to eat lunch and catch our connecting flight with only about an hour of time. So, good thing I had my running shoes on! We high tailed it from Terminal A to Terminal B just to make it on time to take care of all of our business before our next flight. We had a nice lunch and then boarded our final flight to Providence!

Upon our arrival, it was much cooler than we anticipated. We picked up our luggage at the baggage claim and proceeded to head to Avis to pick up our rental car. Finally, we all piled into our Tahoe SUV and were on our way to Hotel Providence! The hotel was only minutes away from the airport, and with my trusty co-pilot, Andrew, we were on the right track. We immediately checked-in to our rooms and then went to dinner at Local 121, which was a restaurant that was recommended to us by someone in guest services. All of their food was locally grown. It was fantastic and really was a wonderful meal to complete the day. Everyone seems so excited to be starting this journey after the many months of preparation, planning and eager anticipation.

This is such a unique experience for these students and I am so happy to be here with them and support in any way that I can. Tomorrow we visit M.I.T. and Boston University. We will have dinner at L’Espalier with two alumni from M.I.T. and Brown University.

With that, I am off to bed! It was an early start for us all. Until tomorrow!


  1. Sarah,

    Sounds like you all a great rip. Fun in the skies, a wonderful airport adventure, checking out the local dining experiences and then some rest at the local inn.

    And somewhere in there you were able to blog AND post photos. I like it.

  2. That's a dollar bill origami eagle.

    Ms. Larson is a great driver and her taste in music is very unique. Elton John is not my favorite, but he is somewhat tolerable.

  3. Ms. Larson and I shared some great music moments listening to 103.7 the Band (classic rock!) on the way to a school retreat. Good times! :)

    And, the locally grown food sounds delicious!


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