Wednesday, June 15, 2011

beatae memoriae

The second day of the trip trounced on the first day. Today’s experiences were amazing. Although the day was packed, our group was able to enjoy ourselves wherever we went. The six of us have become even closer over the course of this trip (two days).

We woke up early, yet less than punctually, and began our breakfast at Hotel Providence. We conversed over our meal, and made haste in order to get on the road before our tour at MIT began. Unfortunately, there was heavy traffic on our way to Boston. We made it in time for the tour and learned all about hacking (practical jokes), acceptance rates, and student life.

After our tour, we ate at a burger place together. We enjoyed the scenic outdoors of the MIT campus as we talked about our school experiences. We all got to know more about each other during lunch.

Shortly after, we made the short venture to Boston University, and received a quick tour. The tour left a positive impression on Andrew and Erin. Touring campuses is definitely a crucial experience in order to properly choose what school to attend. Boston University seemed like an extremely friendly place to go to school.

Following our second tour, we hung out in Boston until our dinner. We enjoyed the parks, the library, and the shops. Ms. Larson purchased a pair of running shoes -- she's an avid runner. After a couple hours, we were finally ready to meet for dinner.

At the restaurant, we met with Chelsea and Grace two intellectual women who were able to answer our questions. Chelsea works at Boston University in admissions and Grace is a Brown alumni. Chelsea definitely provided us with insight into what Boston looks for and why Boston is a great place to be. She expressed her desire to watch the hockey game--which Andrew and I are watching right now (Boston leads 4-0).

Grace explained the benefits of Brown. We learned a lot from her, like how Brown doesn't have any required courses. That fact was an extremely appealing reason to attend Brown! It means that freshmen can try all types of classes, and then immediately begin classes for their major. Grace and Chelsea were huge helps in expanding our knowledge on the universities.

What about the food itself? Everything was perfect. The presentation was extraordinary and the taste was fantastic. Our guests claimed it was the fanciest restaurant in Boston, and I believe them. The food and service were definitely the best I have ever experienced. On a side note, Ms. Larson and I share a birthday.

To sum it up, the day was unbelievable. From the tours, to Boston, to the dinner, this trip has been terrific so far. I am anticipating tomorrow with a happy countenance.

Mr. Ramsey has excellent taste in restaurants.

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  1. Frank,

    This is two blogs in a row where they've ended with a statement about Mr. Ramsey's choice in restaurants. Sounds like a conspiracy to suck up to Mr. Ramsey. Let me know if it works.


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