Saturday, June 11, 2011

Experience Meets Youth

Last Thursday evening several of our local Brown alums graciously gave of their time and met with four of this year's Brownies.  The Brown alums have offered to help take our Brown cohorts under their wings and mentor them as they prepare for that crucial time when they seek out the right fit of a college to attend.
Of course, our Brown alums would love to see each of these fine young women matriculate to Brown but at the very least they want to help them understand the subtleties of the college selection process.  Reading the material sent from the schools and researching them online are all valuable resources but they pale in comparison to speaking with someone who can give a first hand accounting of what it's like to apply, be accepted and attend a top flight university.
We thank our friends from the local Brown alumni association for their ongoing support for the Ivy League Connection and the students from the WCCUSD.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you, Brown alumni! Your support and eagerness to share your experiences were some of the biggest parts of why I decided to attend Brown.


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