Saturday, June 4, 2011

Our Last Reminder

The setting is the El Cerrito HS library. Everyone is already seated, but it is still half an hour from starting. We converse with our cohorts. Mr. Ramsey announces 5 minutes until we start; one student still has not come. It is 6:30 everyone is here and we begin. An ironic juxtaposition of the “No talking in the library” and the speakers.
Important information should always be written on the back of your hand.
The message is the same; you must blog, you must follow rules, you must be prepared and you must never be late under any circumstances. In essence that was orientation. We did however receive more explanation of what we are expected to do and what this program is not, and we got to speak in person with students who went last year to our program.

One of the great opportunities I had was to get an idea of what the Brown class will be like. I got information from the two students that went to Brown in past years. I got further details from Austin Long when he came up to me and asked if I had any questions, while my cohorts got their paperwork organized. I know now that it is very humid, we will have a lot of free time minus the time for our itinerary that Ms. Larson, Kathleen and Erin devised and the class is similar to programs offered at Brown.

“Have a great summer” and I breath I sigh of anticipation and relief. It is only a week and three days, and yes, I am counting it down because as soon as it comes it will be over. After it is done, then what will I do when I want the world to know what I am doing. Probably after the ILC I will need a blog just so then I can express myself as I do to you. Soon I will have to blog every day and I just hope I don’t run out of interesting things to write about and will have enough time to give detailed accounts.

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  1. Erinn,

    As repetitive as it may come across, we wouldn't be repeating ourselves so much except that some people in this world need to have some things driven home time and again before it sinks in.

    For instance, we've been harping on you all to blog after the milestone events but one of your cohorts still owes us four blogs.

    We went over in detail how we wanted the blogs formatted. I even gave written instructions but about 85% of you still refuse to follow the directions you were given.

    We've emailed each of you a gazillion times asking you to check your emails daily yet it's obvious that some ILCers don't check them and some even ignore them.

    So yes, Erinn, in this world we live in you're going to find people constantly reminding you to do the things you've already been asked to do. Perhaps if we all started paying attention and following instructions we wouldn't be faced with the constant reminders.


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