Saturday, June 25, 2011

Schedules and Plans

Today was great because I did not have to wake up early for class, rather I got to sleep in late. The high school and college life are a lot different. In high school your parents, guardians, and teachers are seemingly hovering over you to make sure your actions align with what you are to be doing. But in this college atmosphere there is no one to really regulate your actions. Our professor even said that if you want to just get up and leave for a while, go and do so. So in college it is very important to keep yourself in check and examine your own ways. Also in college it is very important to schedule your time. With a week’s worth of class under my belt I have realized that it is important to prioritize and schedule the things you really want to do and need to do. Today was a great example of me still thinking as a high school student. I have a lot of homework due on Tuesday and I planned to start most of it today. But with no authority to tell me to do it, or ask me about it, I put it off and now as I blog I have made no progress. So what I have done though is to make a schedule for myself to stay on task and finish my homework before Tuesday. I believe that today I learned a life lesson of making schedules and plans in order to optimize my potential.

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  1. Good, Andrew! You are learning how to balance your life and prioritize your tasks/assignments. This will help you immensely in college.


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