Monday, June 20, 2011

Yoga Now or Yoga Later? That is the Question

Today was the first day of our soon to be normal routine at Brown University. We all met at the dining hall around 745 a.m. and all of Brown session one ate together. I really like the family nature and aspect of our group, we are all supportive and helpful of each member. But I do believe that we do not stay solely excluded, because we have all made so many new friends, and even built the basis for a solid relationship. Just this evening as Frank and I headed to get a soda from the vending machine we met three new young ladies: the first from Las Vegas, the second London, and the final one from Moscow. So though we all are very close we never miss an opportunity to meet new, and sometimes different of people.
After breakfast we all headed to our respected classrooms. This was probably the most exciting part of the day, being able to meet all of our fellow classmates and professor. I had the pre conceived notion that my class at Brown would be the same as my class at Cornell last year, but it is completely different. At Cornell there were approximately 80 students in a large lecture room. We would be lectured for three hours none stop, then have about a one and a half hour session with our teacher’s assistant (mostly graduate students). But at Brown there are only about 25 students, the professor is fairly young, and we have small breaks in the three hour lecturing period. Also at Brown the lectures are a lot more interactive giving room for student teacher debates or questions.
Moving from our lecture session which started at 9 and ended at 11:50 we all went to lunch. But then after lunch because I was fairly tired so I took a nap, something I rarely do. After this nap we all met up again in hopes of exploring all of Brown’s extracurricular opportunities. We thought that there was yoga tonight but we were wrong. It turns out that it is tomorrow. So hopefully tomorrow I will be taking my first yoga class ever. This is just one reason that I love Brow, I am able to experience new things every day that I would not have if I was not here. I am thrilled to see what lies ahead of me at this amazing university.

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