Friday, July 1, 2011

Brown's Got Talent

Instead of lecturing about textbook material today, Mr. Coleman took a more interesting approach to class. The other day, he asked us to look up the most pressing economic and social problems in our own states or countries. We shared the information that we came up with in class, and because our class is geographically diverse, we were able to hear about countries around the world. I had no idea that Sweden has ridiculously high taxes, up to 50 percent income tax and 25 percent sales tax, and that South Korea has an aging population. Andrew and Erin spoke about the deficit and illegal immigration problem in California. We also discussed the growing importance of China and its concerns regarding the environment, human rights, and income inequality. I jotted this information down as it is relevant to my group project on China’s economic growth

Speaking of group projects, Mr. Coleman presented a sample project to show us what he was looking for. His PowerPoint about government involvement with banks was seven slides, but he elaborated on each point to make his presentation last twenty minutes. His example was helpful because my group now has a template to follow.

For the last 30 minutes of class, our TA, John, reviewed the homework we turned in today. This assignment was by far the most difficult and required the most effort. John clearly explained a problem on the relationship between investment spending, budget balance, private savings, and capital inflow that most of the class had trouble with.
Today is Erin’s birthday! For this special day, Ms. Larson walked over and treated us to Soban, a newly opened Korean restaurant on Thayer Street. The restaurant was packed so we ordered our food to go. We sat at a table in front of the Sciences Library and shared our experiences so far with Ms. Larson. It was nice for our group to catch up because I don’t see my cohorts as much as I’d like to anymore.
At 9 PM Summer@Brown held a talent show featuring the students from the program. I didn’t know my fellow students were so gifted. Performers included singers, piano, flute, and guitar players, a band, and a guy who recited 500 digits of Pi. Not surprisingly, “Pi Guy” took the title of first place with the most audience cheers. On a side note, my RA was one of the MCs for the show. No wonder she wanted me to see the talent show.
I cannot believe how unbelievably fast this week has flown by. Last week felt like a month; this week felt like a day. I have no idea how next week, our last week on the east coast, is going to be. Thank goodness it’s Friday though, meaning it’s time to catch up on my sleep. I’m looking forward to our three day weekend!

Lastly, happy birthday Erin!


  1. Kathleen,

    Your blog today demonstrates the need to actually read the text and not just look at the pretty pictures.

    When I first saw the blog pop up it was clear that you had all gone to a Korean restaurant but when I saw the stacks of take-out boxes at first glance it looked like it was sold by the pound. Look at that photo—the boxes are all stacked on top of the scale so why wouldn’t I think that until told differently?

    I tell you, Kathleen, that photo of you all eating together—as a group—was touching. I’m envious.

    I’d love to comment on what you wrote about from your class but, to be honest, I don’t have a clue what you’re saying. I’m dumbstruck so at some time or another the three of you will have to educate me.

  2. Kathleen! Your class assignment was so interesting! The facts you put up surprised me so much (Sweden's insane taxation and S. Korea's population)!

    Talent Show?! I didn't know we would have one! Thank goodness you talked about it! I'll prepare something for it. It sounds so fun!


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