Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Communication is Key

This morning when the lesson began, Ms. Kisa had us sculpt our passions out in pipecleaners. We were then told to talk about them and what was supposed to be a simple exercise turned into a deep, emotional talk by each participant. Stories came out involving past experiences and the support for each other was so strong it was tangible.

Not only that, but today's lesson included a visit from the amazing, Ms. Robin Rose.

She is an amazing speaker/teacher and knows how to really touch her pupils and have them relate to what she preaches. The lesson was on communication-- I never knew there were so many skills involved with socializing!

I feel like everyday, I learn so many new things. My theory on why that is, is that the environment we are placed in is engaging and eager to learn. These students are all here because they want to be here. There is a totally different attitude amongst these people and they make you want to do your best. There is a challenging, but manageable, workload that makes you think and come up with your own opinions. People are not scared of voicing their thoughts because there is an unspoken, mutual understanding already. Opposing opinions aren't taken offensively because we all understand that we each have different thought processes. Unfortunately for me, I have a sore throat and can't really talk. I actively participate as much as I can and went to CVS to buy cough drops in hopes that this will clear up.

As for the social scene, Thayer St. is remarkably diverse. There are shops of all kinds; many many boutiques as well. The nearby CVS is the biggest convenience and a majority of us has already went there to pick up necessities. Providence Place is the local mall and we have yet to explore it.

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