Saturday, July 30, 2011

First Mentor Event

It’s been a while since I wrote about Brown activities, but it is a school that always finds a way back into my life, so I expect to write more about it now and in the future. This time I went to the Orpheus Theater with my mentor and the rest of the Brown mentees. Only my mentor was able to come, so I had another opportunity to talk to Susan.

After we arrived at San Francisco, we went to Chevy’s. Susan and I sat together and we talked about Brown, about school and about next year. I wish I could recall the conversations that Susan and I had, but acting on the wisdom she gave is the ideal. She gave me great advice for my Environmental Club for the coming year, for instance, trusting officers that the club elects, or in context, why people wouldn’t be trusted. We had a rant about projects where only one person did the project. Susan also is going to connect me with someone she is friends with who works at Biorad. However, I found a problem that they only give internships to college students entering sophomore or junior year. Susan still encourages me to apply because her friend said that I would be a good intern and they needed interns. Later this week I will probably contact her friend, and then I could see whether or not I can apply.

After we were ready and the play was about to start, we walked a few blocks to the Theater. We had about four minutes before the play started, so we came at the perfect time. We watched “Billy Elliot the Musical,” and for what I was told, it was a musical based off a film. The story follows Billy’s dream of becoming a ballet dancer while a nation-wide coal strike happens. His parent, since his mother is dead, disapproves of his ballet dream but later accepts Billy and supports him in his London recital to a prestigious dance school. After Billy is accepted to the school, the strike fails. It has a bittersweet ending, but the actors have well placed humor that ends the play focusing on Billy.

The play was a great time to spend time with my mentor, while watching a play that I would have never heard about but nonetheless enjoyed.

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