Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Impromtu Speeches

The class today was very fun and interactive. Kisa brought in guest teacher Jen Maddin who specializes in public speaking. She taught the class how to present themselves (clothing, arm placement, eye contact, etc.) as well as some different types of speaking styles.

Our exercise for this lesson was to practice impromptu speeches. The class broke up into three seperate groups with a T.A. leading the activity. We picked a topic to prepare the speech on by choosing a slip of paper from a lotto. After the topic was selected, 60 seconds were alotted to the student to prepare a speech. It was very challenging, but amazingly fun. The topics I presented were, "Career vs. Family" and "Cyberbullying." This lesson really taught me the art of public speaking and this would definitely be a skill that I will be bringing back to my community in order to effectively express my ideas.

The cafeterias at the University are not as bad as people say. There are plenty of vegetarian options so that's great for the veggie eaters (including myself). The only annoying thing is the lack of proper ventilation in there-- It's always stuffy and the air is thick. Fortunately, you can eat all you want, three times a day!

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