Saturday, November 12, 2011

Symposium Day 3: Happy Birthday To Me!

The weather is now exactly like San Francisco's in that it is sunny but borderline freezing. The hot shower woke me up, helping me to ready myself for the action-packed day ahead of me. After breakfast, we headed onto the bus, where we went straight up to Brown. We first had a panel of Symposium alums. The four alums, including our very own Irene, presented their actions plans and their success. They went into detail about their hardships and what they learned that could help us with our projects.

We then broke off into small groups based on the topic of our Action Plans. My group had mostly environmental/animal topics. My Action Plan is to found a club at my school in which awareness will be raised about animal rights and the benefits of adopting over purchasing from shops. The other students in my group helped me come up with ideas to further better my club and fundraise. Those two hours were the most beneficial because they helped me see how others approached their Action Plans, helping me see my plan from a different view. It helped me think outside of the box and introduced me to ideas I hadn't even thought of, let alone considered.

After that, we had lunch-delicious pizza and soda. Then we went outside to take our group photo, and of course the sun chose to be in our faces. When we checked into the Symposium on Day 1, we signed up for two workshops. I chose facilitating a meeting because my Plan is to be president of the club, which involves heavy facilitating. I also chose Effective Communication with Administration because it is important, not only in a school setting, but in a business setting as well.

We were released after the two activities, leaving just over four hours of free time to roam the city. Since it was my birthday, everyone let me choose where to go, which was hard for me since I am not the type of person to force an activity on someone. We ended up getting quesadillas  suitable for the chilly weather, and going to the local CVS to get playing cards. We walked all the way back to the hotel and hung out. We explored the hotel, played a million games, and truly had fun.

I am so tired but I don't want to fall asleep and let this day end. It hurts me to think that tomorrow, this will all be over, but I know I will keep strong connections to the 21 girls that changed my life.

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  1. Rebecca,

    Sounds lik you're having a pretty good time. Good for you.

    And at the risk of sounding repetitive: Happy Birthday.

    The weather here at home on Saturday (after Friday's rains) was an overcast and chilly pre-winter day. It didn't rain on us but it did threaten us a few times.

    I like your choices for the workshops—both are subjects that can readily sere a future leader.

    Your choice of an Action Plan is admirable as well. And so you know, when I replaced my cat a few years ago, without even giving thought to the per shops I went straight to the pound and adopted my newest family member.


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