Saturday, March 19, 2011

First get together with Brown cohorts at El Cerrito Barnes and Nobles, where we discussed how we wanted the blog to be set up around a Starbucks table. (Front left-right) Ava Burnell, Caroline Umali, Erin Miller, Kathleen He. (Back left-right) Josephine Biteng, Cynthia Yip, Adrianne Ramsey, Erinn Kuehne, Andrew Gonzalez.

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  1. When I first dropped by and saw the nine of you scrunched around that small table I almost broke out laughing. Two of you were actually sitting on someone else's lap.

    As amusing as it was, though, what I also saw was a group of our ILC cohorts working together as a team and I liked what I saw.

    I also found it amusing when the Starbuck's lady booted you to make room for PAYING customers. Then, to add to the comedy, when you went through Barnes & Noble in search of a table the B&N lady halted you in your tracks telling you that they had no tables and they don't allow people to sit on the floor.

    Oh least you got a little bit of the blog site done before you were disrupted.


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