Saturday, April 30, 2011

Reaction to Tutorial

Saturday morning I wake up and instead of going on my computer, I got ready for the blog tutorial that was scheduled for 10:15 AM by packing it away. I put on my sunscreen, found my sunglasses and proceeded to the door at 9:00 AM, and I began my walk to the library.

Once I was at the library, I saw Don unpacking his equipment, while drivers came up to the Hercules Public Library and purchased a map for the city-wide garage sale; I still had a long time to wait for the session to begin.

We started the tutorial on time. Don explained to a group of ILCers and a couple of chaperones, which included Sarah Larson, my Session-1 Brown chaperone, how first to create a blog. Being in journalism for the past year, I had a basic understanding of how to write a blog, although this post may determine otherwise, so his recommendations were old. Yet I did learn that coordinating with my cohorts might improve the content of the blog.

The most I learned was probably the explanation for photography. I am a novice at Photoshop and at taking pictures, so everything Don told us increased my skill little by little. Later in the day, I tried playing with Photoshop, and I was less confused about it than other times. I got great tips such as bringing a card reader, steadying yourself before taking a picture and saving the correct resolution of 300 dpi.

It was also entertaining when Don told us stories from years before about absurd events like how one of the girls blogged about having her period. Overall it was a great experience.

I am thankful to Don for coming and teaching us how to write, take pictures and prepare for our trips to the east coast. Without this session I wouldn't know that I couldn't bring an extension cord or fans could be rented at Brown. I get confused a lot with these types of events so the more I know now, the less I have to stress about it later, and consequently, forget something vital.

Now all I can say is: I am ready and can't wait for more to come.


  1. You're lucky that you met Mrs. Larson! I'll see you tomorrow at ECHS when we all meet her in person.

  2. Erinn,

    Just as with any class you're going to be in, some will already know a little while some may know a lot. As an instructor there's no way to gauge how much each student knows so you almost have to assume that everyone's coming in with a clean slate and start from scratch.

    Even with those of you that have some experience at blogging, the value of this tutorial is that it was explained to you about the formatting standards we wanted you to use and even the specifics of using this particular blog site,

    I often tell people that we were all brought into this world knowing nothing. Someone had to teach us everything we know. Whether it's the blogging or the photography, there's always more to learn.

    As for the photography, all I could do during this tutorial is show you the tip of the iceberg. There's so much more to be learned. I'll be extending an offer to sit down with any of you that might be interested to give you some hands on lessons on how to take better photos and how to work them over on your computers. Sometimes the solutions to our problems are very simple but until someone shows us how simple these solutions might be we fret that they're much more complicated than they are.


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