Friday, April 29, 2011

Pizza, Parents, and LaDonna Williams

Today at 4:30 pm, we Women and Leadership Brownies and one of our parents crowded inside Round Table Pizza in Richmond to meet our chaperone, LaDonna Williams. She is the Assistant Principal at Hercules Middle High School and has taught high school and elementary school before, and was also the Assistant Principal at DeAnza High School. It was very nice meeting Ms. Williams! I was a bit nervous and feeling somewhat critical before arriving at the restaurant, but once my mother and I went inside, we were automatically greeted with a smile and kind words from Ms. Williams. I thought it was so generous that she paid for our pizza and drinks, and she even slipped a Hershey's chocolate bar in the very organized folders she gave us as dessert? Who DOESN'T love chocolate?

At the meeting, we did not just learn about Ms. William's background as an educator. She informed of us of her rules, more ILC rules, and gave us paperwork that we and our parents will have to fill out. It was very informative, and the two hours we spent eating pizza and discussing what our three weeks at Brown will be like was very exciting. While we all know that this is an educational experience, Ms. Williams quickly reminded us that we will have plenty of fun in Providence and the other cities we visit, such as Boston. By the end of our meeting, saying that I was "just more excited" about going to Brown would be an understatement - I'm completely ecstatic and this trip could not come any faster!

It was also exciting to see the DeAnza girls (I see the ECHS group just about every day at school). I was especially excited to see Cindy and Josie again, seeing as though I hadn't seen them for a long time. I was also happy to see Rebecca since I had just met her at the blog tutorial and we hadn't had much time to talk. Overall, it was a lovely experience and I'm glad we have more ILC stuff next week!

Over and out, Brownies! (:

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  1. Adrianne,

    Your title is something of a come-on and false advertisement: you write that you had one parent in attendance but in your title the word is pluralized. :-)

    It's good that you all finally had a chance to meet up with your chaperone--especially in a social setting where you could get to know each other better.

    You've got me curious, though, about these "rules" she told you about. Maybe you or one of your cohorts can blog again and elaborate on them. Your followers would love to know more.


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