Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Chaotic Tuesday and a Brown Dinner

Before the Brown dinner at 5:00 PM, I had three other engagements. Today was definitely one of the most chaotic days of my life.

First I had to get excused from school for an orthodontist appointment, then I had to rush over to my doctor to get some paper work signed for the Brown Pre-College forms, I had to play a badminton game and finally got ready for the meeting at the El Cerrito Plaza BART station. Right when I got to the BART station all the pent up exhaustion from waiting for the doctor and stressing whether I might be late to the badminton game and consequently the Brown dinner, vanished.

While waiting for students and parents to come, a man was playing his erhu. I also had an interesting time talking to Adrianne about school, classes and food, on the BART and off it.

One Market had a very large room where we dined, and while we were waiting to be seated for dinner servers walked around with appetizers.

After taking some photos in front of the prism, or what I assume is a prism, we were directed to our tables.
I really enjoyed that there was a name card for my seat and the placing, although I was confused by the multiple forks and knifes.
The food was amazing, and the decorations set a perfect ambiance for the restaurant. Unfortunately, the final state of the main course paled with the initial state because I couldn't cut the chicken elegantly.

Coming back on BART was very crowded, unfortunately I don't have a picture since it was crowded, and everyone was standing. By the time I got back to the Plaza, I was happy to take off my heels and prepare myself for the next day.

Overall I enjoyed the evening; the student speakers were excellent, despite a few awkward moments of introducing ourselves to the guests at the dinner, I enjoyed the night with people who sat at my table and I got to speak to new people.

The week has just begun, yet I feel like it is already Friday, but there is still Wednesday to get through.

In one last note, I want to thank Dick Barker who graciously paid for the One Market dinner, and say, editing pictures takes a long time.


  1. Nice pics, Erinn. I'm reliving that chocolate cake. I hope some of your stress goes away as the year comes to a close. Junior year is almost over.

  2. Erinn,

    Yes, the photo editing phase of photography can be painstaking. I'm a professional and I tell people that on average, for every hour I spend taking photos I'm spending three hours on the computer trying to make them look better.

    I like what you did with yours. You did a very good job.

    Like you, I never could understand the need for quite so many utensils in front of me. Give me a knife, a fork and maybe a spoon and I'm good to go.

    You're still young but with enough time I'm sure you'll master of the art of carving your dinner fowl.

    Like Erin, just looking at that chocolate cake makes my mouth water and my belly growl. Everything about that meal was pretty good.

    Say what you want about having to dress up and stand on crowded BART cars. At least we eat well.


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