Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Monday of the Busiest Week of My Life

Monday, session 1 Brown cohorts met up with our chaperon Sarah Larson at El Cerrito High School.

Before coming to the meeting, I had badminton practice so the rush from practice, which I had to leave early from, to El Cerrito was not needed, but I needed to go to practice.

When we entered El Cerrito High, we were directed to a room and greeted by pizza and our chaperone. After a few minutes of mingling, each group (the Columbia cohorts were there as well) went to its respective conference room.

Once everyone was settled, we introduced ourselves to the group, which consisted of Erin Miller, Andrew Gonzales, Frank She and our parents. Then Ms. Larson passed out some paper work that we and our parents had to sign. Unfortunately, Ms. Larson wanted to collect our Pre-College forms, but Erin and I had forgotten our paperwork. Ms. Larson was very nice and was willing to compromise and collect our paperwork on Tuesday, when we would meet up for the Brown dinner.

Ms. Larson also wanted to incorporate our suggestions into her plans over in on the East coast, and allow us time to collect our requests. She assured our parents that we would be in capable hands, passed out her information on a card and then gave out her cell-phone number.

Ms. Larson gave us a brief explanation of the following nights, the Brown dinner on Tuesday and the Board Meeting on Wednesday, where to meet up and how to dress.

Part one of Brown activities is done, now on to two and three, and hopefully it doesn't get too busy.


  1. Erinn,

    Great photos from the dinner last night and summation of the week you have had. I hope the rest of your week goes well with AP tests, practice and everything else you have going on. I am so impressed by everything I have learned about you and your fellow Ivy League classmates.

    Thank you again for your comments!

  2. Erinn,

    You all had pizza? And I wasn't invited? I thought we wuz pals.


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