Sunday, May 1, 2011

Meeting Ms. Williams & the Blogging Tutorial

This weekend was pretty busy; The second Brownie group met up with our chaperone, Ms. LaDonna Williams, at a local Round Table Pizza as well as a blogging tutorial with Don the following day.

The meeting with Ms. Williams went very smoothly. She prepared a folder for each student and their parent, complete with the required paperwork, and was generous enough to buy us all pizza and drinks as well as Hershey's chocolate bars for dessert.

The paperwork was explained clearly and everyone got to socialize a bit. The parents made introductions as well as the students. Although most of us have already met each other, we did get to meet those whom we haven't yet had a chance to know.

An issue that came up was that one of the Brownies might have to either room alone or with a student from Brown because the dorms house two students each. We all exchanged nervous glances. Otherwise, everything went well and I know the summer trip will be fantastic.

The blogging tutorial came the next day (which was Saturday) at the Hercules Public Library. Nobody in the group came late! It was a great feeling knowing that we're all starting on the right foot.

I came to realize there are a lot more students in this ILC program than I expected. I met a lot of new people and although we didn't socialize much, I believe there was a sense of unity in the room because we're all going through the same learning process.

The tutorial covered blogging rules, photo editing, and rules regarding our trip. Some may have viewed the tutorial as overwhelming or intimidating, but I found it refreshing and as I walked out of the door I was ready to fly off to R.I. already!


  1. Cynthia,

    Sounds like you had a full weekend even before the weekend really got going.

    I'm glad that you all finally had a chance to meet up with Ms. Williams and get familiar with each other.

    Also, I can't tell you how proud I was that all of our students--at both sessions--showed upon time. That's a stickler with me and I don't think I would have been very forgiving. Also, it's a mater of respect. When you show up late you're sending a message that the person you're meeting is not important to you.

    When you get to Brown we won't know whether you'll have a roommate or not or whether you'll have several but one thing we know already is that you won't be paired with anyone from our group. The idea is for you to meet new people and experience things you might not experience here at home. This can be a good thing or you may meet the roommate from Hell. All I can advise is that if things get out of hand and you need to deal with your roommate, don't leave any evidence behind or do anything in front of witnesses. :-) [Of course, you know I'm just kidding here.]

  2. Well it's a huge shocker knowing that we wont be able to room with anyone from the group, but it's totally understandable. Hopefully there wont be too much awkward tension.


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