Sunday, June 5, 2011

Better Late than Never, But Never Late is Better!

The orientation at El Cerrito High started off on a phenomenal note with no ILC cohorts tardy. Everyone was on time and this allowed for us to start the orientation right on schedule. 

It was quite nice to see all of my Ivy League Connection cohorts again, but it was even nicer to see and hear from past ILC participants such as Austin Long. There were several previous ILC participants at the orientation who were either attending, or about to attend some of the most esteemed Ivy League Universities, such as Yale, Brown, Columbia, and Cornell. This really motivated me to continue to work hard so that in the near future I too may attend Yale, or Brown. 

I was also excited receive my itinerary as a member of Brown session one. We will be visiting so many esteemed universities in our stay back East. We will also be dining at some of the finest restaurants that the North East has to offer. And for both of these experiences I am truly grateful. 
The annual ILC orientation is more valuable than I think most realize. It allows the participants like me, to see how close departure is. It also allows the students and their parents to ask questions, or voice any concerns. The orientation makes everyone a lot more comfortable about the journey that they will be taking physically or in the parent’s cases, vicariously. I cannot wait to depart for Providence, Rhode Island!

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  1. Andrew,

    I think I'm going to have some business cards printed up with the title to this blog as the main theme and hand them out to all of our ILCers now and in the future. You couldn't be more right.

    Why spend your time trying to fix a problem when you can alter your plans and prevent the problem from evening existing?


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