Sunday, June 5, 2011

On Time for Orientation

On Thursday, June 2nd the ILC had the official Orientation at El Cerrito High School’s library. ALL of the students participating in the program were there so it was packed. There were many VIPs there that gave important speeches on the trip, what they expected, as well as what we, as the students, should expect. Among these VIPs were past students of the ILC that currently attend Ivy Leagues.
There were small breakout sessions where each group met with their assigned chaperones. The Brown 2 group’s chaperone is LaDonna Williams who prepared a great, to-the-point outline/agenda for our session. We had a student speaker, Kiana Ward, who is a past ILCer and a current student at Brown University.
After going through the itinerary, there was a Q&A for the students and their parents to Ms. Williams and Kiana. Kiana was great—she answered all of our questions to the best of her ability and I believe we were all satisfied with our answers.

After the breakout sessions, there was a short regrouping in the library where closing statements were made and soon after, everyone left feeling much more prepared and more excited than ever!

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  1. Cynthia,

    Glad the session was of some value to you all. It's tough to get everything done with such a large group and even with the breakout sessions there always seems to be areas we forget to touch on.

    Nonetheless, questions were answered and most everyone left with a better understanding of what to expect.


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