Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Burgers and Brown Mentors

Although I never expected to, I find that I am getting used to traveling by BART into San Francisco all dressed up. I am usually a casual dresser, choosing comfort over style, but of course one must always look one’s best at an Ivy League Connection function! This evening, my dad and I met Mr. Ramsey, Mr. Gosney, and my fellow Brownies Erinn, Kathleen, Adrianne, and their parents at the El Cerrito Plaza BART station. We were supposed to arrive by 5:30, but everyone was about ten minutes early. Perhaps we are starting a new trend for ILC participants! Everyone can only hope that it continues.

Tonight’s occasion–the Brown mentorship introductory dinner–was more relaxed than most ILC events. The dinner, as you might infer from the descriptive title, was intended to introduce interested ILC participants to prospective Brown alumni mentors. After traveling to San Francisco, we quickly made our way to the Hyatt Regency Hotel. We managed to find our dining room without too much trouble and made ourselves comfortable. Everyone circulated around the room while enjoying French fries and sliders. I met some amazing people and enjoyed myself immensely.
Lauren and Corynn Brodsky
I liked everyone that I spoke with, but I was especially inspired by a pair of sisters (Lauren '00 and Corynn '04 Brodsky) who were El Cerrito High school graduates as well as Brown alumni. Despite knowing that students from El Cerrito (Kiana, Cynthia, Irene) have been admitted to Brown, I think tonight I really realized that there are people from El Cerrito who have attended Ivy League schools. What’s even more amazing is that I actually got to meet those people. One of those people might even someday be my Brown mentor!
I am simply astounded at my good fortune.

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  1. Mariko,

    Several times you referred to those little burgers as sliders which connotes a small 2-3 bite burger. Although these were certainly not very big around, they were about as tall as they were wide and looked like they could make a small meal all by their lonesome.

    And at a lot of burger joints sliders denotes a cheap and inexpensive sandwich. I've never been to a burger joint where they had pulled pork sliders, chicken sliders or top sirloin sliders. And I'm betting the price for these "sliders' wasn't in the 5¢ range either. They looked pretty good.

    I'm think ing of talking to the Brodsky sisters to see if I can sign on as their agents. They seem to be pretty popular at these events and with a good agent perhaps we can parlay this into some real money.


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