Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Familiar Taste

We did not resume watching Blood Diamond in class today. Mr. Coleman did not want the movie to interfere with lecture so we plan to finish the movie at the end of several days of class instead. Today, we learned about the loanable funds market, investment spending, interest rates, and inflation. We also completed two worksheets on unemployment and interest rates. I like worksheets because they gauge our ability to apply the concepts we learn to realistic examples. Our teacher also returned our homework, which is graded on a check-plus, check, check-minus scale. I received a check-plus along with many other people. As long as you put effort into the homework, you should get a check-plus. Speaking of homework, John emailed us another list of problems to complete by Friday. That along with our group project will keep me occupied for the rest of this week.

I have missed home-cooked meals over the past two weeks. While fancy restaurants and dorm food are satisfying, nothing compares to the food I eat at home. Craving a familiar taste, I went with my friend Dilene, who coincidentally shares the same last name as me, to Shanghai Restaurant. The food was delicious and was a nice break from the average, everyday dorm food. We also met another girl from China there called May. We discovered that we all live in the same area even though we have different length programs. At night, I went to see Brown’s playing of the Catfish with Erinn, Erin, and Kristina. After that emotional thriller, I’m ready to wind down and go to bed.

For some reason, this week, in contrast with last week, has been flying by. I carried through the entire day thinking today was Tuesday, only to be astounded that it is actually Wednesday. I’m saddened to think next Friday will be our last day of class. I feel like I am so adjusted to Brown and can’t imagine leaving. I cherish every moment I’m here and look forward to tomorrow as always.

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