Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Many Presidents reside in the ILC Family

Today’s class was pretty nonchalant in the sense that we did not discuss massive quantities of new information, rather it was a light dosage of some things most people were already familiar with. These things included assets, bonds, loans and things of that nature. All though most of the information I was already familiar with, the way the material was presented brought a new life to each faction of what we discussed. So to say the least this class is really broadening my horizon pertaining to not only economics but college in general. I came in to this class with the preconceived notion that I had a pretty good understanding of economics, but basically I knew almost nothing. So I believe this pertains to other classes I will take in college. At an Ivy League school, or a tier one school the material that you will be taught can be a totally new revelation.
At the end of class we received our first homework assignment back. The teacher’s grading rubric was as follows: a check plus meant for the most part you mastered the covered area, a check meant you attempted but you missed a couple of key ideas, and a check minus was you did not do it completely. Erin and I’s group received a check plus and we were exuberant, our short term hard work paid off, this means that our long term hard work will pay off as well. I did not ask Kathleen what mark her group recieved, but I am quite certain it was a check plus as well.
I think this lesson speaks to a large area of life, that what you sow is what you shall reap. This philosophy is embodied by the ILC. Because we all worked hard, invested our time and perservered through various trials we were all selected to the highly esteemed Ivy League Connection program. But we did not stop there, in our respected cohorts we work diligently and collaboratively, so that now in a classroom with people from all over the world at Brown University we all stand out as phenomenal students. So as we all work hard we can achieve our goals. So I know that there is some competition in the ILC for the Presidential candidacy but the United States will need several quality Presidents in the future. So I am sure that not only myself but any other Ivy League Connection member can become President of the United States if we continue to hold near to us the work ethic we had to get us to this point.

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  1. Shouldn't becoming POTUS be a beginning, not an end? I think it's more about what POTUS does while in office than about winning the office like a prize.


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