Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hidden Treasures of Brown University

Today marked the beginning of our academic endeavors at Brown University. We were all feeling the same as our parents when we departed from them on June 11 at 3 a.m. We were exuberant to begin a new segment of our journey, but also a little dejected because we will not be seeing some of our fellow cohorts and chaperone that we have spent almost every second with. But as I stated in my first blog, this is just part of the maturation process that all college students will have to go through.

We started the morning off by repeating our brunch at Caffe Taza. It was just as delicious as yesterday, maybe even a little more. After brunch we headed back to the hotel to gather our belongings and head out to Brown University. We left with great expectations because through all of the Brown alums we talked to, Brown seems like one of the best academic institutions that a young person could attend. As we arrived to Brown, the check in process was quite smooth because all of our paper work was complete, so we were set to go. At this point it was time to say our goodbyes to our chaperone, this was a little touching moment, but we were all ready to purse a great education for three weeks.

I checked into my dorm with a little apprehension as to whom and what my roommate would be like. But once I met he and his father that feeling of uneasiness was removed. He seems to be very nice and ambitious as well about his education. His name is Sid and he is from New Jersey, so I hope to learn a lot about him and his culture throughout these next three weeks. The actual dorm is quite spacious, but nothing special at all. It contains a standard closet, desk, bed, and drawers. It was not as bad as I suspected.

As we got acquainted we headed down for a student orientation. This basically outlined for us the basic procedures, rules and regulations we are expected to adhere to. We went on a very brief campus tour, actually I would not even call it that. It was more like a general debriefing of Brown. I hope to uncover the whole Brown campus throughout our three week stay.

Moving from the Campus tour we had dinner. It was a standard dorm meal, consisting of an assortment of items to choose from. But at this point in our stay, all of Brown session one has made so many new friends and connections. We had an “ice cream social” event. It included ice cream and socializing with everyone at Brown. At this social event I was amazed to see not only my cohort’s wings spread but mines as well in connecting and mingling with many new people. By the end of the event I would say that our group alone met approximately 100 or more people, ranging from Turkey, to Puerto Rico, to Brazil, and all around the world. Also at this social event Erin Miller and Frank took part in a massive game of twister which was quite entertaining.

After this splendid event we all had a long and arduous floor meeting. Basically the Residential aids further harped upon and amplified the dos and don’ts of Brown. This was a long day and cannot wait to see what tomorrow has in store for me.

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  1. Haha! I remember the floor meetings. Just be patient. :)


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