Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Social Excursion

Despite my assumption that checking into Brown and the dorms would take long, it as short. I got my essentials of Brown—my Brown ID card, a packet of orientation information, including an invaluable map, my schedule and my dorm room and key—in minutes. I got my luggage and had plenty of time to relax and explore some of the campus.

Orientation supplied me with supplemental knowledge of the school and facilities. I tried to take a picture of the speaker while she was talking and got it, but I was called out—I was really embarrassed and understand that there are limits to what I can and cannot take a picture of.

During orientation, the entire group split of into groups led by his Resident Assistant (RA). My RA was an enthusiastic person, whom I met before orientation. We played games, including the evolution game, where there is a competition of rock, paper, scissor and each game won moves the person from an egg, to a chicken, to a dinosaur, to a princess—the final stage—and a rock, paper scissors tournament. I never reached passed egg or reached passed any level of the tournament, but I wasn’t trying, I wanted to explore, which we did.

The tour ended at the dining hall. I always thought that dorm food was disgusting, but the food I saw was regular; there was nothing special about it or repulsive about it. Someone told me that dorm food was horrible because of the repetition of the same foods. I would lose interest in the same foods every day, so I know to vary my diet from the dorm food to refrain from adopting the same attitudes of my peers.

My first amazement of college was how quick students found Frisbees. As soon as Erin threw her Frisbee, two other guys joined the square, then one more. Instead of a game between friends, it became a communal event. I enjoyed seeing how easy it was for other students to get involved in the game. I haven’t had a full day at Brown, but I am already immersed into the driving force of college—mass Frisbee games.

Although I disagree with the social events, such as the ice cream social, that initiate—force—student bonding, I met new students that I hope to meet again and also found a member of my class. I think it should be natural like the Frisbee game; everyone becoming friends in the environment that he shares. Yet this is coming from a very antisocial person that likes to meet people at her own pace. It works better for me, but that is just my experience.

The festivities continued when the RAs called meetings that furthered our dorm floor bonding. I got to know more about my neighbors, but it was not as friendly as walking with the RA around campus.

Classes start tomorrow, where I anticipate meeting students that share my passion in biotechnology. There are more opportunities to meet students, and I will try to make the most of the RAs’ activities.

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