Thursday, June 2, 2011

Orientation - What We've All Been Waiting For

This day had been circled many times on my calendar. I'm sure someone who just walked into my room and saw all the circling around June 2nd would've wondered, "What is so important that is going on on June 2nd?" And I would have told them, "The orientation for Ivy League Connection!"
I arrived at around 6:10 PM with my dad at the El Cerrito High School library. This orientation was not just for Brownies, it was for everyone in the ILC! Like I have stated in previous blog posts, there are few occurrences where all or at least half of the ILC kids will be together. It was nice to see some of my other friends (who don't attend ECHS with me) in different programs and talk with them about their excitement. Everyone is very anxious for their programs to start; some leave the week after school gets out for the summer.

My dad, Mrs. Kronenberg, and Mr. Rhea gave inspirational speeches about the program and it's importance. They also preached the rules that have been drilled into us. It was very informative, but at the same time I was wondering when the night would spice up a bit.

The night definitely spiced up when ILC alums were announced! Kiana Ward ('09) and Cynthia Fong ('10) not only graduated from ECHS, but they went to Brown through the ILC (Cynthia also went to University of Pennsylvania the summer before her junior year), but they currently attend Brown University! I had never met Kiana before, but her name sometimes comes up in conversations, always positively. I met Cynthia last school year, and she has always been amazingly sweet, generous, and charismatic, so I was excited to see her again and catch up with her. But I was also interested in meeting Kiana.
When we went off into breakout sessions with our chaperones,  Kiana went with us (Cynthia went to talk to Brown [Session 1] and those attending U-Penn). After Ms. Williams explained more rules and about the colleges we will be visiting, we were allowed to ask Kiana questions.

Even though Kiana took the Women & Leadership course about three years ago, she tried as best as she could to fully remember her experience. It was also interesting to learn that she had applied to Brown under Early Decision (which is binding), so her love for Brown obviously shone through. I learned a lot from her testimonies and cannot wait for July 5th to come.

The orientation just made me want to hop on a plane and go to Rhode Island! I am simply ecstatic and cannot wait for summer to come.

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  1. Adrianne,

    You didn't think my display of loaner items spiced things up? I'm so disappointed.

    Something that Kiana may not have mentioned is that she was a 100% dyed in the wool UCLA Bruin until she went off to Brown under the ILC. Up to that point she had no plans to apply to any other school than UCLA.

    Something about her time at Brown affected her in a positive way and now she's where she belongs.


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