Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday at Brown

Thanks to Andrew, I made sure to bring an umbrella for the first rainy day at Brown. Well prepared, we made our trip to the dining hall. We ate breakfast with our friends, and made sure to get our fill before class. At class, we listened to Ms. Hall's lecture on electrophoresis and prepared for our laboratory on the 23rd.

Class went smoothly, and we all learned a lot about complicated topics that left our brains puzzled. By the time class ended, the rain had picked up and was heavily falling upon us. Luckily, the Bio-med building, where we take our class, is located just across the street from the dining hall. We arrived at the dining hall for lunch around 12:15 PM (our class always runs a little over-time). It was crowded because of the rain, more people stayed inside to chat.

After lunch, I went to my dorm to relax and get away from the rain. After an hour, I went to the science library to study with my friends Justin and Jason. I tried deciphering the homework using a computer to look up the technical terms in my homework. I was relatively successful and a good night's rest will let the information sink in.

Later on, I ate dinner with Andrew. We did our laundry and I engaged my artistic outlet by drawing a poster. In my opinion, the cold weather was much nicer. After we finished sorting our freshly cleaned clothing, we went to watch Freakonomics. Our AP Language teacher had shown it to us before, and I wanted to watch the documentary again. The night ended with many students running through the rain to their dorms.

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