Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Where is Thy Spoon?

Today started off rough, because of the rain and gloomy weather. It made my bed feel oh so comfortable, and irresistible to leave. I got up promptly anyways and began my usual pattern here at Brown. Today was the first complete day of the new game we are playing in our dorm rooms: “You got served.” The contents of my mission is to not be released, but because of the prestige of the blog I will spill some information, but not all. Basically for defense you have to carry a plastic utensil in order to defend yourself from an ambiguous person who is trying to catch you off guard without your utensil. It is a little difficult to understand, especially given that information, but the game is quite fun.

Class today was exceptional because we got to arrange ourselves in groups of three or four and decide upon our actual topics. My group chose the budget deficit in California. At lunch our group met to see as to how we were going to “attack this research project.” We decide to show the degree of the problem, who it is affecting, and finally the plan we would enact in order to solve the problem. I feel that our method of approaching this is solid, so I really look forward to completing the project.

After the discussion at lunch I headed back to my room to complete my homework. Though it was a little tedious it felt good putting in hard work on something that really interests me. In my down time I tried to catch up on some rest, but this only worked to a certain extent because hunger had struck again. So Frank and I headed down to the dining hall to eat dinner.

After dinner we went to do some laundry. If I don’t say so myself we were well versed and skilled in the art of washing and drying clothes. But during the time when the clothes were washing Frank took advantage of the activity planned in the wash room. There were poster board decorations and things of that nature. I learned today that Frank is quite the artist, it did surprise me.

After laundry we went to watch the movie/documentary Freakonomics. I had previously seen this film in AP Language and Composition, but even seeing it a second time was great. Because I was so tired, I left the movie early and headed back to my dorm to get some sleep.

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