Friday, June 24, 2011

Where is Delaware?

I woke up today with a great expectation for the weather to continue its trendy pattern of rain, but to my surprise it was not raining. All day the clouds teased me with signs of rain, and even a light mist here and there, but no real rain. But that was fine because I’d much rather stay dry. Learning from our mistakes yesterday of over sleeping, Frank and I got up early too go to breakfast. But I think we arrived a bit too early because after slowly enjoying our meal we still had about 40 spare minutes of nothing to do. So we just talked amongst the two of us, then our conversation began to spread like wild fire when another group of people joined in. In our joint conversations, one of the young men turned out to be the son of the Governor of Delaware. This was great just to hear some of his experiences growing up in the environment that he did.
I know it sounds repetitive throughout my blogs, maybe it is just because I am really enjoying my class, but today was the most engaging discussion/lecture yet. Professor Coleman discussed and analyzed the reasons for the huge financial crisis in 2008. I am glad that not only did I do my homework, but I had a comprehensive understanding, because if I did not then in today’s lecture I would have been lost. We discussed everything from hedge funds, to government policies, and even financial innovations. Many of the problems we discussed seemed like they should not have been problems. It seems that if everyone at high executive positions such as at Banks or Credit Rating Agencies would have looked out for the betterment of the society and been more cautious, the whole crisis would have never amounted to what it did. That is really despairing to me because if one man’s greed resulted in a million man’s failures change should be enacted. So I guess I am running on a small tangent but this is something I am quite passionate about. Helping to champion the burdens of the common and that is why I will be running for President of the United States of America in year 2032.
After class I ate lunch with a totally new group of people. The first young man was from Colorado, the second France, next Sweden, the fourth from New York City, and the last from Korea. So our dining experience was quite diverse, but we did all have one common thread, we love Baseball. We stayed in the dining all very late after lunch just discussing the nuances of the game.
This was great to meet people who shared the same passion for the game as me. But aside from that today was Friday so that meant no class the next day. I used today as a ventilation time. So in the afternoon I partook in Yoga for the second time. I felt like a pro having already participated once. After that I rested and then with about 200 other Brown students I watched the Movie Inception. Today was another wonderful day at Brown. I am very fortunate to have this opportunity.

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