Friday, June 24, 2011

Explorers of the World

Last night, I went around the basement floor of Jameson meeting some more of my floor mates. I met Jeanine who brought her acoustic guitar to Summer@Brown. I hung out in her room and played a few songs. It felt good to be musical. Olivia and I went to bed rather late last night due to excessive socialization.

In macroeconomics, I turned in my first homework assignment today. No one in the class has a stapler so we all just folded the corners over. My first assignment was challenging but I am glad that it is over. Professor Coleman lectured on housing prices for two hours and I found it rather interesting. Even though it was a lot of information and my head started to hurt, it was a great class today. I barely took notes because I chose to bask in the course material today. Thank goodness it is Friday. Unfortunately, I got my second homework assignment via e-mail as soon as I got back to my dorm after class. No big deal though, I have four days to finish this one and I like spreading the work load over the course of a few days.

I had signed up to go on a field trip to the Rhode Island School of Design. I have been looking forward to this all week. A small group met in front of Salomon Hall before we walked down the street to the school. We were only allowed in the museum section of the school but nonetheless, I enjoyed it to the fullest. Original pieces from Claude Monet, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, and Andy Warhol were displayed throughout the museum. There were also different themed art sections like Greek, Contemporary, Romantic, Egyptian, and Chinese. I was inspired to draw again by all the different artists. I especially enjoyed the contemporary art. A museum guide gave me some free pamphlets of the RISD (pronounced RIZZ-dee) after I purchased a couple of postcards.

Speaking of the postal system, I got mail today! One of my Pinole friends sent me a hand-written letter in the mail. As a college student 3,000 miles from home, some familiar contact was very welcoming.

I explored stores on Thayer Street with Erinn and Kathleen after lunch at V-Dub. Erinn took us to a hidden bamboo garden on the non-commercial part of Thayer. On the walk back, I found a hidden swing! The girls of Cohort #1 are busy uncovering the secret treasures of Thayer Street.

We had dinner together before heading back to our respective houses to blog. I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow! Ms. Larson is meeting us on campus and we are going to give her a campus tour. We are becoming expert tour guides after seeing so many on the east coast. We can even walk backwards like them without falling over!

“Inception” is playing in Saloman Hall tonight! A lot of my floor mates left campus to visit their family for the weekend. Of course I miss my family, but I am okay with not seeing them for a few more weeks. Their phone calls are encouraging and loving. All this practice will have me ready for college next year.

Happy Friday, and good night.

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