Saturday, July 2, 2011

California's Budget Crisis

Today was very relaxing and laid back because I did not have to wake up early for class. I actually missed starting my day off with an intriguing discussion with my professor. But I did have a very intriguing conversation with a young man named Mike. He is from New Delhi, India and is studying global economy here at Brown. But for the last three years he has lived 6 months in New York, and 6 months in India. When he lives in New York, he stays in a small apartment in Harlem by himself. He survives on limited funds in Harlem. He comes to New York to get away from India, but also to promote his rap album. He is very independent and interesting and this just a true testament to the diversity and liberalism here at Brown.
Also today I was able to continue my research on the California state budget. I found out that if California is to truly minimize the deficit then spending would have to be cut, and taxes would have to be raised. In the state college system 1.4 billion dollars would be cut, and in the UC system 400 million dollars would be cut. This means for future California college students the opportunity for substantial financial aid would be eliminated. After doing this research I am able to see clearly know what Mr. Ramsey, Mrs. Kronenberg, Mr. Gosney, and all those affiliated with the ILC are trying to convey to us. Not only are there a lot more colleges beyond California but most of the colleges in California have no money to give to us. So by doing this project my eyes were truly opened to the fact that California schools are having less and less money.
Aside from that we all visited the Water fire show in Providence. It was quite an experience to see the beautiful blazing fire on the calm waters. I really enjoyed my time attending this show. There is always something to do in Providence. When I first thought of Rhode Island I thought that there was going to be no extracurricular activities or festivities to partake in, but this assumption of mine was totally off base. In providence alone I have been to a concert, seen fire on water, eat pizza in a cone, and all sorts of other things. This entire trip so far has really changed my life. I am a little distraught that the program is coming to an end in just one week, but I am more than excited to share all of my experiences gained knowledge with the people back in my hometown.

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  1. Yup... I love California but the UC financial aid, etc. can't compare to that of private schools. There's definitely a problem to be fixed.


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