Friday, July 15, 2011

Not As Simple As "Male or Female"

I am so glad that it is going to be the weekend! I love class and I am learning so much, but I am exhausted and I am seriously about to pass out and sleep.

In the morning, we discussed the reading from last night in groups of about four people. My group had a great time talking about the reading, which basically consisted of studies that compared the different leadership styles of male and female leaders.

Obviously, there is no single way to be a leader, but the studies tried to average their findings to reach a relatively accurate conclusion. Female leaders are supposedly more effective because of their greater empathy, listening skills, and urgency. These are only the main points; there were other qualities and other arguments in our reading as well.

Once we felt we had covered that topic, my group had our own little discussion about the root causes of male chauvinism. We then covered this subject briefly with our entire class.

We also watched a fascinating film about gender and sex. We learned about intersex people, who can call into question many societal norms and ideas about anatomy/biology.

Caroline, Kaylyn, and I enjoy lunch at the VW

I really enjoyed the movie in the morning, but I have to say that the movie we saw in the afternoon took the cake. Known as “Killing Us Softly 4,” the film was a video recording of a woman’s presentation about the subliminal messages found in advertising. Our whole class was horrified to hear about the way ads can insidiously work their way into young girls’ minds and cause them to hate their bodies.

Additionally, we learned that ads create an atmosphere where it is okay for men (and women) to treat women’s bodies as objects. Perhaps most terrifying, we were shown images that seem to advocate for dating violence. We had a very energetic discussion in class after the movie. This movie was so good at making people think!

After class, we ILC girls took a taxi and met up with Ms. Williams at the mall for our meeting. We then wandered around the mall and did a little shopping. I went to dinner with Josie, Cynthia, Ava, and Rebecca. Then, the five of us and Adrianne dragged Ms. Williams to the Harry Potter movie!

We meet with Ms. Williams at the mall

Josie and Ava enjoy dinner

Caroline gives Kaylyn a henna tattoo

After the movie we took taxis back to our dorm. I immediately went back to my room and blogged. :)

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  1. I remember that lesson! The inclusion of the video about intersex people is new since last year; I'm really glad to see that, since I mentioned the need for it to Kisa.


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