Friday, November 11, 2011

Symposium day 2: The Brownies Are Back in the Oven

I think my nerves got the best of me because my sleep wasn't great. I woke up several times before ultimately getting up at 7 AM. We christened the shower and got dressed, arriving in the lobby not a minute past 8 AM. The weather was better than yesterday, the wind was painful but it wasn't that cold and the sun was out. It was shockingly similar to the Bay Area's weather, except leaves were falling.

After breakfast we headed on out to Connecticut College. On the hour and a half ride, I promptly fell asleep, only to be jerked awake by the speed bumps of the campus parking lot. To be completely honest, I was skeptical about this trip because I had already made a college list, and I was unsure about adding another one to it. However, I was jumping for joy at the end and am happily going to apply to it. The tour was amazing and our information session was delightful!

On the way back home, Josie and I read a fascinating piece of literature. Ms. Kronenberg is a great driver and I am glad she came with us. She is an absolute delight!

Shortly after lunch, Brownies started pouring in and the reunion began. After worrying if our rooms would be given up to the ones coming in, we worked with the hotel staff and ended up keeping our rooms. Josephine and I have a roommate, Emma, who is so nice, but only met her an hour before curfew.

After dinner, we had a performance by Case Closed, a dance group working with kids to keep them off the street. Marlie, from the Women & Leadership course, knew the members of the group, so we got a little insider knowledge. Once that concluded, we hung out in the lobby and in the rooms of friends we made until curfew. Today was a long day because I was so tired, but tomorrow is going to be even longer, especially with my birthday celebration after the activities.

Best birthday ever.

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  1. Rebecca,

    First and foremost: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Birthdays are important. I know it's a bummer not being able to spend it with your family but hopefully this will be a close alternative.

    Although I can understand the need for catching a few Z's while on the road, you all are missing a chance of a lifetime. You're sleeping your way through a part of the country you might never see again.

    You have to tell us more about Emma. Telling us she's nice is a good start but where is she from, junior or senior, what does she think about all of this? Inquiring minds need to know, Rebecca. I'm stuck here at home with a whiny cat while you're off having a blast. You have to fill me in on all of the missing details.

    And then get back to your B-Day celebration.


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