Thursday, November 10, 2011

All hail the Brownies, take 2!

Who would've thought that Josephine, Rebecca, and myself would be back at Brown, three months after our wonderful Women and Leadership course ended? Well, at first I couldn't believe it, but then it was all finally happening. Right now I'm sitting in Hotel Providence, enjoying the view and this beautiful night. It's enchanting and nostalgic. I remember all the great times that I had during the summer, and even though I will only be in Providence for four days, one of them already finished with, I'm absolutely excited.

In September, the Leadership Institute invited all the Summer@Brown 2011 students to a three day Symposium on Social Action. Essentially, it is a continuation and check-up on our Action Plans. I applied and was ecstatic when I got my acceptance email in early October. Since then, it's been planning, planning, and more planning! The Ivy League Connection sponsored three of the Brownies to attend this Symposium, and I'd like to thank ILC for sponsoring us once again and truly believing that we were bringing something back to our communities and growing as people.

To update everyone, my Action Plan is to educate my high school about the achievement gap and do more college readiness workshops through Angaza, a club that promotes academic excellence and the importance of going to college. I am the president of Angaza, a position I hold very highly. My Action Plan has gone through bumps while I settled into my leadership role, but it is finally heading on the right path.

I awoke at three in the morning California time, reading to go to Symposium! ILC sent us out a day early, which I'm very grateful for. This way, we won't be completely exhausted when most people arrive on Friday. After my mother and I picked up Ms. Kronenberg, who will be our chaperone, we headed to El Cerrito High School, where we met up with Josephine and Rebecca. We were approached by a white stretch limo - ILC'ers go in style!
After a quick ride to the airport, Josephine and I checked in our bags (Rebecca and Ms. Kronenberg had carry-ons). After getting a "Starbucks breakfast", we boarded the plane to Las Vegas. After a half hour layover there, we boarded a plane to Providence!
And then, we were finally in Providence. Being back felt so relaxing and brought back so many memories. I absolutely loved the feeling I got when our plane landed. Even though it was raining, it felt like home.

After retrieving luggage and getting our rental car, the four of us traveled to Hotel Providence. Even the desk clerk remembered the four of us, which I find incredible. Madeline and I have our own hotel rooms and Josephine and Rebecca are sharing a room. I like having my own room; it's nice. The nicer thing is, it's next door to Josie and Rebecca's, so if I need anything, I don't have to travel too far to find it!

Finally, it came time for the special dinner: Ms. Kronenberg, Guy Sanchez, Elizabeth Hart, the three of us, anddddddd....Irene Rojas-Carroll, Cynthia Fong, Kiana Ward, Guadalupe Morales, and Elizabeth Gonzales! I was ecstatic to see all of them.

The dinner at Siena on Federal Hill was just great. I had a great meal and it was so good to talk to everybody, especially Irene. I consider Irene a mentor and we've had great times together; I can see how much she's grown since I last saw her in August. I had really good conversations with Kiana, Elizabeth, and 'Lupe about college choices, how they're doing at Brown, and essay prompts.
Tonight was an unforgettable night, and I am so excited for what's to come tomorrow!

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  1. Adrianne,

    What a great post!

    First of all, you know I have to love the photos--they're so exciting. All of the smiling faces and the fine looking dessert.

    Sorry I couldn't see you all off this morning. I was coming down with a cold and felt it was healthier for me and you all, too, that I not be out there this morning.


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