Friday, April 22, 2011

Early Morning Blog Tutorial

Although it was a struggle to wake up before 10 AM during spring break, I was eager to attend the blog tutorial. As I walked in, I saw other ILC students moving purposefully around the room, setting up extension cords and computers. I felt slightly nervous at meeting so many new people, but I quickly relaxed and enjoyed interacting with my ILC cohorts. We soon got down to business, after singing “Happy Birthday” to Taylor Doty, a fellow El Cerrito student.

Don explained many aspects of blogging, from titles to formatting to graphics. I have never been good with technology, but luckily for me, Don had prepared a detailed agenda packet covering everything that he had spoken about. I plan on studying it closely in my spare time. I was especially interested in his descriptions of photo editing, and I enjoyed hearing about adjusting quality and resolution.

After the blogging and photography portions of the tutorial, Don covered several miscellaneous items on the agenda. He reminded us of proper ILC protocol and regaled us with several horror stories about past years. I was a little shocked to hear about the behavior of some of the past participants, and I hope that none of us will become a cautionary example for future students.

I really enjoyed the chance to finally meet everyone and learn to blog, although I'm sure I need to practice my blogging. The tutorial has definitely made me more eager for the Brown alumni dinner that looms over the horizon. I also can’t wait to go to Brown this summer. I hope to see everyone again soon!

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  1. Mariko,

    Unlike just about everyone else, I've had the pleasure of meeting you all before we met for this tutorial. After talking with before and after your interviews, being present or watching all of the interviews (some through the videos), reading your essays and the back and forth of countless emails, it was very nice to see you all again in a more relaxed setting. I think that maybe the best part was that there was no dress code and we could all relax in regular attire.

    And, like you, getting up early is unnatural and uncomfortable for me. I don't usually get to bed until around 4 AM (including the morning of this session) so having an alarm wrest me from a decent night's sleep was not a pleasant experience.

    But. like you, I seem to have survived the experience.

    I hope you got a little something out of the session.

    Trying to teach photo editing tips in such a setting wasn't the best and I'll be offering to meet with any of you on a one-on-one setting to help out if any of you want it.

    Now we get to prepare ourselves for the dinners with the alums and the sponsors. At least in that arena we get a decent meal out of the deal.


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