Thursday, April 21, 2011

My First Blog After Learning How To Blog

I woke up this morning really early because I was so excited to get to the blog tutorial. When I got to the Hercules Library I saw a mass of people outside. We sat down, introduced ourselves, and I got to see who everyone was. Putting faces to names. As a Brownie, I waited to see who else was going to Rhode Island for Women and Leadership.

Eventually Don Gosney pulled our attention to the projector and we all watched as he explained in extraordinary detail how to blog and photoshop. Although the Library's wifi was slow, I tried to keep up with what Don was doing on my laptop. The two hour tutorial seemed to fly by and pretty soon we all got up to mingle amongst ourselves. I listened to others talk about their past ILC trips to the East Coast and their plans with the one coming up in just a few months.

I can't wait to go to Brown in July and I look forward to the School Board meeting and dinner in SF in May.

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  1. Rebecca,

    I can't tell you how pleased I was to see you all there early and ready to go to work LONG before the scheduled start time. It was inspirational.

    When we see people on the TV using their Internet things seem to pop up immediately so why were we in a place where wi-fi transactions moved so slowly? It made things difficult when I had to keep going back and forth between subjects waiting for things to happen on the Internet.

    The saving grace to all of this is that I didn't include a lot of those actions into my presentation. Otherwise we might still be there waiting.


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