Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blogging Begins At Hercules Library

It was excellent to see many of my classmates, Brown buddies, and ILC cohorts at Hercules Library today. I had invited my lovely mother to come along, as she had expressed an interest to blog as an ILC parent. Despite my dismayed look and my mom's blank countenance, we were ready for Don's tutorial (photo by Dyana So). After following some advice not to sit in the back row, I moved to a closer seat, turned on my laptop, and followed Don as he explained the magic of Blogger and Photoshop.

When I got home, I read Austin Long’s blog about his recent trip to Yale. His descriptive experience made me excited about the upcoming summer program at Brown. Austin went to Brown last year for the Physics program and he currently attends Pinole Valley High with me so I plan on talking with him at school sometime about what I should expect during my time in Rhode Island.

Thank you, Don, for setting up this tutorial to go over computer basics, ethics, and professionalism. He was right that we needed to discuss these topics due to issues in the past, and the advice was well received. Blogging has officially begun for me and I look forward to sharing ILC milestones in the near future. The Brown University Macroeconomics dinner is coming up on May 3rd. Until then, I bid everyone happy reading.

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  1. Erin,

    An outstanding blog! Wel written and with an appropriate graphic to spice it up. I'm pleased.


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