Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tutorial Experience - Act Like An Adult

Today at the Hercules Library, about 15 or 20 ILC-ers sat in a library for about 2 hours and learned the importance of blogging, how to shoot pictures and edit them, and the important rules each and every one of them must follow. It might sound tedious and boring, but it was actually very fun and interesting.

For me, it was nice getting to see some of my fellow Brownies and in fact meet a couple of them for the first time! It was also a nice touch to meet those in a different group as me, such as the Yale kids (the two that don't go to El Cerrito High School like Tom Miller) and those doing the Hotel Management class. I think that it is good to treasure the times you meet ILC as a group, seeing as though you don't have many opportunities to unless you go to school with branch of the class.

I think that having a tutorial at this time was great. For Brownies, this tutorial is 2 weeks before our dinner and the school board meeting, so it's great that we get to meet again as a group and are reminded of the expectations put upon us.

One of the most interesting parts of what Don discussed with us as a group was about behaving like an adult. It is noted in the packet [that he gave us] "Never ever use as an excuse that you're only a teenager or you're just a high schooler." We are being awarded a $12,000 scholarship to spend about three weeks on the East Coast in AMAZING Ivy League schools. When I was younger, my family would travel to the East and visit Ivy Leagues such as Dartmouth, Harvard, and Princeton. I remember touring these schools, taking pictures, and thinking, "Wow, it would be so neat to go here." I never thought that I would get the opportunity to spend nearly three weeks taking a [summer] course at one of these Ivy League campuses. It blows me away that I'm being given this opportunity.

This opportunity should be taken seriously. Every one of those who got into ILC worked really hard to be picked for the program after writing an essay (I picked at and edited my essay day after day just to make sure it was absolutely perfect) and nail a no-turning-back interview. Everyone has worked hard to get into the program, now we should all work hard at acting mature. I know we can all do it. I certainly wouldn't want to see anyone get kicked out of the program after all hard we've all worked, especially my fellow Brownies! (:

The behaviors that Don talked about that had happened in the past had me really stunned. I had heard about these incidents that had happened on the East Coast when I was younger (I was probably about 12 years old), and I was shocked then, but hearing it as an older person and being in the ILC, it just amazed me (not in a good way!) that some and certain people can act so immature and strange when given an opportunity such as ILC or just being in one of the classes at the Ivy schools. That's not a good look to give a program, and it's a horrible look to give to yourself! I mean, who wants to be known as "that person who screwed up", etc.? I know I wouldn't, and based on the shocked and strange looks that Don got after he told us those behavior stories showed me that everyone else who attended the tutorial (and hopefully everyone else in ILC!) didn't want to either.

Overall, I'm happy we had the tutorial today. It was fun and a good way to spend time with those in the ILC. I hope those who attend the April 30th tutorial have just as much fun as I did!

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  1. Adrianne,

    A very nice posting. Thank you for taking the time.

    I also appreciate the kind words you wrote about the content of the tutorial.

    I know fully well just how dull some of that material could be so it pleased me that I didn't see any of you falling asleep or chit chatting with your neighbors. Even if you all just picked up a few of the things I tried to impart upon you I know that your experience with the ILC will be the better for it.


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