Monday, June 27, 2011

Community Ambassador

Today we got back to our regular weekday routine. Class started back, and that meant no more late sleeping. Class was interesting as usual. Today we discussed what Gross Domestic Products were, what they mean for a country and how to calculate it. The GDP is basically produced goods and services in a nation. It determines a nation’s prosperity, because if your country is able to produce more on a consistent basis then it will be economically prosperous. I did not fully grasp the difference between the two types of GDP, real and nominal, but because we are to be college students, I am taking it upon myself to fully understand the difference between the two. The college atmosphere is set up for students to be more advantageous and proactive regarding their learning. I believe this fosters a harder work ethic from the students knowing that everything will not be spoon fed to them, rather it is up to them to acquire the resources they need to succeed. Through my accumulated experiences at college programs I have really discovered that your learning and education is dependent upon how hard you work for it, and cannot be determined by others outside influence. I believe this applies for most things in life, if you and want it bad enough and you feel that it is worth it, you will find a way to succeed.
Tonight there is a college informational session run by the RA’s of the program. Because for the most part, the majority of them recently went through the rigors of the college application process, they will answer any of our questions and give us information regarding this process. I look forward to gaining as much information as I can so that not only can I better myself, but I will be able to bring this information back to my church, school and community. Throughout this trip I have gained so much information pertaining to college and I am just so excited to come back to the Bay Area and share all this information that I have acquired. As I write this blog there is so much information pinned up inside of me that I am sure the majority of the people in our district do not know of. But that is the beauty of the Ivy League Connection program, it allows students to be ambassadors for thousands of people in their hometowns. That way it is not only 30 or 40 some kids gaining a tremendous amount of knowledge but potentially the whole West Contra Costa area will have the same information. So by sponsoring this small amount of gifted students, the benefits are limitless. Anyone and everyone benefits from this program, so to be part of the select few responsible for bringing back this priceless information is a true honor.

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