Monday, June 27, 2011

The Pursuit of Utility

I finished my homework with a great group of macroeconomists on the fourth floor of the Rockefeller Library today. Instead of working with two boys, I collaborated with five other girls and tackled the homework load in less than three hours. We reviewed and compared answers. Even though I did not want to admit that I did not understand some parts of the homework in the beginning, I warmed up to the group and asked for help. Everyone was very friendly about helping me out. It was great to be surrounded by great minds, and hilarious personalities. My AP US History teacher always encouraged my class to work in groups. I understand a lot more material with the help of my classmates. After we finished, we made macroeconomic jokes for half an hour. We are a bit nerdy that way.

After I ate dinner with Erinn and Kathleen, I met up with Paul Tran from the partnership dinner and his friend Arlando Battle who is currently concentrating in Visual Arts at Brown University. We met in the Rockefeller Library and we talked for about an hour and a half. Arlando told me about his experience at Brown and all the obstacles he had to overcome to fit in at school. We discussed the fierce competition in the Visual Arts. Both Paul and Arlando told me to have an open mind when entering college. People change all the time because in the four years you spend in school, you will grow into your own person and your interests will change. I am willing to learn anything as long as I am in a college environment.

Mikalei, my RA in room J-007, gave me and a group of girls directions to the First Baptist Church. Jacqueline Newcomb from the partnership dinner (Office of Continuing Education) had invited us to the Polyphony Ensemble and we were having difficulty getting to the church because there are about five churches on campus. We finally got there to enjoy classical music (violins, cellos, flute, and piano) performed by teenagers ranging from age 10-17. It was inspiring to see that young people are dedicated to create something beautiful like classical music.

Afterward, we went to Water Fire. Water Fire is a huge event in Providence. It is an inspiring event that brings together the people and visitors of Providence to behold a spectacular fire show. Basically, city officials carry torches from the First Baptist Church to the Waterplace Park down the street. They put their torches in a huge fire pit and then a guy on a boat floats over, grabs some fire, and juggles it with skill. I smell like smoke right now, but it was definitely a sight to see. For those who did not know what was going on, the Water Fire ceremony looked a little creepy.

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