Monday, June 27, 2011

More Labwork & More Free Time

Class was confusing, challenging, and fun today. We started two labs simultaneously. I was one of the few to mess up in the lab. I broke the first electrophoresis gel that I made, and ended up having to make another. I remember performing electrophoresis in AP Biology, but it was one gel per 6 people, while here everyone had their own gel.

While we waited for the electrophoresis process to finish, we started another lab. We used E. coli, which smells terrible, and I learned how to finger vortex. Disregarding the book's instructions, we used a mechanical vortex. The book's method didn't work that well. I liked the lab, but it went over time and I missed the beginning of lunch.

Fortunately, my good friend Jason waited for me at the lunch room. I ate a filling lunch, then went to hang out for the rest of the day. I bought a disc, which I use to pass most of my time. Starting tomorrow, I'm going swimming in the athletics center.

Tips to other ILCers:

If you usually drink a lot of water, you should buy yourself a pack so you won't be dehydrated throughout your trip. I find myself buying a lot of soda/orange juice/water. You'll save money.

For laundry, put dollars into the vending machines and press "coin return" to get quarters.

Bring playing cards.

Pack lots and lots of socks. Socks are indispensable. Most necessary things in the world.

At Brown you can swim laps for free, so Brownies should bring swimming suits and stuff.

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