Thursday, June 23, 2011

Week One

My day began as my alarm clock woke me up for another wonderful morning at Brown. I showered quickly and dressed myself before meeting Andrew, who was waiting outside my dorm building. We walked to the cafeteria with our umbrellas in hand, shielding us from the rain. The breakfast today was rather good. There were potatoes, eggs, and french toast. I drenched my food in ketchup and made my way to the Bio-med building for lab.

Today we experimented on DNA and restriction enzymes, all very complex concepts. It was reminiscent of my school's late AP Biology class and the experiments we had performed. The class is very fun and interactive. Our first test is tomorrow, which is very nerve-wracking.

After class, I went to lunch and ate with an eclectic assortment of people. I realized that I have been eating a lot more at Brown. I scarfed down my meal and departed with my classmate, Cameron. Our destination was India Point Park Bridge, which was about a mile away from the main campus. Once we returned, I went to play cards with friends in the Portland lounge for a couple hours.

As the rain gradually worsened, the Brown cohort reassembled for a meeting with other partnership program members. There was plenty of pizza at the meeting and the information was very helpful. I went to study with some of my Biotechnology classmates afterward. The night ended with homework and studying.

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