Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Time for Everything

I woke up today feeling a lot more prepared and confident after a day of the same routine. Almost as clockwork I got up, showered and did all the other necessary measures to get ready for class. Now that we have been given more to time to explore the campus, I have been able to find short cuts around the campus in order to manage my time more efficiently. In our macroeconomics class yesterday we learned that time is a resource and most likely the most valuable resource. So by being efficient with my time I am able to optimize one of my most essential resources. Breakfast today was standard, but also a great experience. It is always great to sit down and unwind through conversing with my friends. It is truly my pleasure to be a part of Brown Session one because not only is our cohort amazing, but the friends we make as well, are fantastic people.

We left breakfast and headed to our much anticipated class. Today’s class was very interesting because of the real world implications the lecture had. We talked about trade, and specialization in making certain goods. All though it is only our second day of class, it feels as if we have learned two weeks’ worth of material. In a sense the class is accelerated because we go for three hours a day, but still the learning process has been quite advantageous. We have a project coming up soon so I look forward to that. The assignment is to pick a debatable question/topic relating to macroeconomics and then research this in order to further your claim for or against the resolution. We will work in groups and present our findings to the class in about a 15 minute presentation. I think this is the most thrilling part of the class yet!

After class and lunch we all headed out to the main green on Brown’s campus in order to collectively do our homework; “a wise decision is made in the counsel of many.” So by working collectively we were able to make great strides on accomplishing our assigned tasks. After doing much work we all went to the dining all to eat dinner. Each dining experience has been unique in some shape or form, well today would be no different. I had quiche for dinner for the first time, and to my surprise it was quite delicious.

After dinner I also participated in yoga for the first time. It was actually not as easy as I thought. Frank and I seemed to be the laughing stock of the entire room, but we persevered through it and made the best of our situation. After stretching out our bodies we went to enhance our brain by studying and doing homework at the library. It was my first time in there as well. So I guess the theme today is there truly is a fist time for everything. I have done so many new things that I thought for certain I would not try.

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