Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What's V-W?

I noticed this morning that I had familiarized myself with the campus. The streets weren't as confusing to me anymore, and I didn't need a map any longer. I went to breakfast with Andrew and other friends. The dorm food is not bad at all, but it can be slightly repetitive.

Today was the first lab of the biotechnology course. It was a lot of trial and error, along with frustration. A lot of the students finished early, including Erinn. I was with one of the last groups to leave the lab room. The class is picking up pace, our test on Friday is on the names and faces of our classmates. Interesting, but an effective way to get everyone to know each other.

Directly after class, we eat lunch. Lunch was good, ate with classmates. Then, we went on Thayer Street to visit CVS Pharmacy, Urban Outfitters, and the Brown Bookstore. In the bookstore, we helped a new classmate, Patricia, buy her books.

After parting from everyone, I went to my dorm to take a shower because I felt extremely sweaty and nasty. Later, I went to the Main Green to do homework with friends. I failed to finish my assignment because we had to attend dinner.

Dinner was nice, as usual. We attended a yoga class after dinner. It was painful and funny, due to Andrew's incessant whining. The yoga instructor condescended upon us for our inflexibility.

After yoga, we went to the Science Library, where I finished my reading assignments. I strolled the university at night, came back to my room, and blogged.

The vending machines have touch screens.

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