Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Studious and Lithe Brownies

I have become an expert at finding my classroom and the dining hall, which are almost right next to each other.

For our second day of class, we learned about absolute and comparative advantages, the circular-flow diagram, and the production possibilities frontier. We also decided on a movie for our movie night next week and listed possible topics for our group projects. We were assigned assessment questions at the ends of chapters 1-3 and a worksheet about the financial crisis. I am enjoying the interesting topics we cover in class.

During lunch, my macroeconomics friend Emily and I sat next to Sal, a rising junior at Brown. We were surprised to hear that he was not part of Summer@Brown but in fact an undergraduate. We bombarded him with questions about his experience at the school. Some of the information he told us was similar to Grace’s and Amy’s stories, but he also provided a new perspective. Like me, he is from California but the Los Angeles area instead of the Bay Area. He told us it was difficult to adjust to the weather in Providence coming from a state with lovely year-round temperatures. I enjoyed “interviewing” Sal and bid him goodbye after we finished our meal.

I desperately wanted to nap after lunch, but for some reason, I had trouble falling asleep. Instead, I brought my homework to the Green and sat down with Erinn, Andrew, Frank and other friends I met: Kristina and Patricia who are in Frank and Erinn’s class and Rachelle and Emily who are in mine and Andrew’s class. We were actually productive for a while. Then we were forced to relocate because of the bugs hovering above our heads. Apparently they were attracted to us because they quickly found us in our new location. We eventually put down our work and began talking about movies and YouTube channels. Our study group headed over to dinner at 5 PM and was joined by Huiyang from China and Andrea from Vancouver, Canada. Dinner was enjoyable, and I was stuffed. I was more than ready to exercise it off during a session of yoga at 6 PM.

Yoga class was held at Sayles Hall, the building in which we checked in on our first day. I was later than the others because I had to run back to my dorm to change. I chose to wear my Yale shirt and received some glances on my way to Sayles Hall. When I walked in, everyone had started. The instructor welcomed me to grab a mat and join the fun. The hour was filled with continuous stretches and core workouts. Scattered around the room were experienced yoga ladies while the rest of us concentrated on the instructor to follow her every step. Frank and Andrew were two of the only three boys in a room packed with girls. I applaud them for sticking it out to the end. I really enjoyed the class and left the room feeling relaxed. I am looking forward to going back next week.

We were just in the Sciences Library working on our homework and in my case, blogging. I’ll try my best to sleep earlier tonight instead of my usual “past midnight” bedtime. I look forward to what lies ahead tomorrow!

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  1. Kathleen,

    Thanks so much for including these photos. They really give us a better feel for where you're living and attending class.

    Sorry about the flying insects. There's something about Californians that wild life are attracted to.


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